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Salman F. Rahman, MP emphasized on preparation for Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mr. Salman F. Rahman, M.P., Private Industry and Investment Adviser to the Prime Minister, emphasized on preparation for Fourth Industrial Revolution while addressing at a business luncheon on Fourth Industrial Revolution – Preparation as the Chief Guest organized by Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) supported by BBS Cables Ltd.   

The adviser urged the Bangladeshi business leaders to prepare themselves to face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. He added, “The challenges poised to be created due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be extremely tough.”              

 In his speech the adviser said “It is absolutely true that we have come so far because of the leadership, wisdom and vision of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She brought into us a belief in Bangladesh and feeling for Bangladesh as well.”

 The adviser further added, the most significant thing the Prime Minister did was re-establish the true spirit of independence in the nation’s psyche. “That is why today Bangladesh is where it is.”

 Rahman also said that the fourth industrial revolution is taking place and people now resort to artificial intelligence and the internet of things to control the supply chain network. “We need to adopt and model our own network in line with those latest technologies,”

 Hon’ble Acting High Commissioner, High Commission of Malaysia, Amir Farid Abu Hasan also emphasized on skilled man power. He said, due to industrial automation in developed countries, currently new employment opportunities are being created, alongside traditional profession has abolished. Already, the negative impacts of automation have fallen in the ASEAN countries; as a result, a large number of people have become jobless. He suggested all involved researchers, innovators, policy-makers and citizens to be well informed, adequately trained to ensure that we build a better future.

 Syed Moazzam Hossain, President of BMCCI welcomed the guests and said that the new age is differentiated by the speed of technological breakthroughs, the pervasiveness of scope and the tremendous impact of new systems. He added these technologies are on course to change the world order; they are time-sensitive and are evolving exponentially. He also added the importance of one stop service for the development of Bangladesh economy.

 Syed Almas Kabir, President of BASIS & Vice President of BMCCI presented the Key note paper on the occasion and highlighted the preparation of Bangladesh to face the challenge. He said, it is the time to leverage mental capacity, as opposed to labor. He also emphasized on the transformation of education and skill development. He further added, jobs are at risk of automation and 35% of core skills will change by next 5 years.

BMCCI members, presidents of leading Chambers and Associations, bankers, Government officials, business leaders, media personalities, and journalists took part in the Business Luncheon.

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