Export in Malaysia

Get Ready to Export: Are Your Export Ready ?

You may already be responding to incoming international orders, but want to become a more proactive exporter. Whatever your level of export experience, take that next step, and determine if your company is ready to export or expand into new markets. As thousands of businesses can already attest, successful exporting requires a broad consensus and long-term commitment among key management on company goals, objectives, capabilities, and constraints, as well as time and money. Businesses must then develop a solid export plan, and be prepared to modify products and services for different markets. Having these elements in place can make the difference between making a few sales and achieving real business growth. Learn more by viewing Are You Export Ready? the second of the three-part Get Ready to Export video set. Then take our export readiness assessment below.

Qualities of an Export-Ready Company

Export-ready companies possess certain qualities that increase the likelihood that their exporting efforts will be successful:

  • Have commitment from ownership and are prepared to fund exporting activities.
  • Understand the added demands international business can place on key resources.
  • Have realistic expectations regarding return on investments from international activities.
  • Are prepared to modify products and services by market as well as provide training and after-sales service.
  • Have an awareness of K.L. government export promotion and compliance resources.